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  • What goes up and never comes down (2023)

    Stoneware, glazing, stainless steel, water pump A fountain sculpture exhibited at Solar Noon group exhibition at Taattisten tila 19 July – 19 Aug 2023. Exhibition curated by Riikka Thitz. Installation photos: Aukusti Heinonen

  • Sentences (2023)

    UHD, duration 20:00 Initially exhibited at the Architectural Digest solo show at gallery Sinne 15 Apr – 21 May 2023. Currently showing the exhibition Feels Like Home at Museum of Contemporary Arti Kiasma, Helsinki 12 Jan 2024 – 12 Jan 2025. Sentences is a 20-minute architectural journey into the interiors of late capitalism. The film…

  • I Love new (2021)

    I Love new (2021)

    Glove, down jacket, aluminum, steel, plastic, electric motor Exhibitied initially at Ebb and Flow, Kuva/Tila Inaugural Exhibition, Helsinki, Finland, Winter 2021–22, curated by Riikka Thitz. Viisikerroksinen, nelikerroksinen, kuusi kerrosta. Toteava, ei liian keikaroiva, aavistus teollisuusromantiikkaa. Hämmentyneet, onnelliset, pyörryttävän upeat. Halla, Haavoittunut enkeli, Hyökkäys, Kullervon kirous ja Sammon taonta. Ei liian valmista, ei liian sliipattua. Viisikerroksinen, nelikerroksinen,…

  • Home Alone (2021)

    Home Alone (2021)

    Two-channel video installation, UHD/HD, duration 10:00 Exhibitied initially at Easy Fit!, group exhibition, Sörnäisten Rantatie, Helsinki 13–29 Aug 2021 Part 1 Part 2 Installation images: Bryan Saragosa

  • Lar (2020)

    Lar (2020)

    Digital image triptych Exhibited at Goblin doors, special group presentation organised by Sakari Tervo, hosted by Ofluxo. “All artists were commissioned to produce an artwork inspired by the Christmas decor ‘Tonttuovi’ (Elf door). In addition, a writer was asked to produce a text with similar inspiration. Photos were taken at the end November 2020, at…

  • Shrouds have no pockets (2020)

    Shrouds have no pockets (2020)

    HD video, duration 29:40 Exhibited initially at Kuvan Kevät, Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts MFA Degree Show 2020 N.N. is on a holiday. He’s enjoying a complimentary stay at a premium hotel accompanied by a curated menu of equally complimentary experiences. In return, N.N. is asked to take a daily trip with the iGum –…

  • Kasa (2020)

    Kasa (2020)

    Performance Working group: Hanna Ahti (convener), Maija Mustonen, Jaakko Pietiläinen, Masi Tiitta and Riikka Thitz Performed 2–3 Oct 2020 at Titanik gallery, Turku, 16–17 Oct 2020 at Mad House, Helsinki, 8 Sep 2021 at Monitoimitila O and 11 Sep 2021 at Fiskars Onoma 25th anniversary exhibition. Mound is a performance that explores affinity, touch, proximity,…

  • Invited guests (2019)

    Invited guests (2019)

    Steel, Phosphorescent paint, plaster, concrete Permanent public sculpture in Nikkilä former psychiatric hospital area, Sipoo, Finland

  • Housing fair (2018)

    Housing fair (2018)

    3 channel HD video, stereo audio, duration 10:50 Voices: Anna-Mari Karvonen, Samuli Niittymäki and Elina Vainio Initially exhibited at Sorbus Gallery, Helsinki, 13 Oct–14 Nov, 2018 “Housing Fair is an annual event held in varying locations around Finland. These fairs are set up in different areas where actual houses are built and decorated for the…

  • PET (2017)

    PET (2017)

    Performance 06–13 Dec 2017 at Kiasma Theatre, in conjunction with the exhibition ARS17 – Hello World!, Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland Working group: Mikko Hynninen, Eeva Muilu, Jaakko Pietiläinen, Jani-Matti Salo, Antti Salminen, Riikka Thitz, Masi Tiitta & Elina Vainio