Jaakko Pietiläinen


Housing fair (2018)

3 channel HD video, stereo audio, duration 10:50

Voices: Anna-Mari Karvonen, Samuli Niittymäki and Elina Vainio

Initially exhibited at Sorbus Gallery, Helsinki, 13 Oct–14 Nov, 2018

“Housing Fair is an annual event held in varying locations around Finland. These fairs are set up in different areas where actual houses are built and decorated for the audience to visit. After each fair, people will move in and start living at the area, but Jaakko Pietiläinen’s Housing Fair is a rather different experience. In this computer generated three-channel video, we are faced with a typical residential area with common-or-garden houses, but not all is what it seems. The new residents have evaporated, but all the houses and robot lawn mowers, the whole infrastructure, is continuing like nothing ever happened.”