Jaakko Pietiläinen


Shrouds have no pockets (2020)

HD video, duration 29:40

Exhibited initially at Kuvan Kevät, Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts MFA Degree Show 2020

N.N. is on a holiday. He’s enjoying a complimentary stay at a premium hotel accompanied by a curated menu of equally complimentary experiences. In return, N.N. is asked to take a daily trip with the iGum – a proprietary, smartphone operated device, capable of accessing, altering and recording the consciousness of its user through dental nerve access. 

Shrouds Have no Pockets is a post-cinematic sequel of Chris Markers La Jetée. Combining 3d-animation and filmed POV-footage it studies the relation of an assumed immediate reality and mediated experiences such as dreams, memories, games or films. Shrouds Have no Pockets shares its key themes of time, perception and memory with La Jetée and relocates them into contemporary contexts of late capitalism, ubiquitously circulated images and an increasingly automated visual production.

Director: Jaakko Pietiläinen
Cinematography: Jonatan Sundström
Sound Editing: Tatu Nenonen
Visual Effects: Olli Leppänen
3D Scanning: Antti Puomio 
Actors: Jaakko Pietiläinen, Elina Vainio (voice), Dan Davis (voice), Elena Leeve, Olli Kontulainen, Leena Nordberg, Eric Christison (voice), Maija Timonen (voice), Henna Vainio (voice)

Installation view from the exhibition In Search of the Present at Emma Espoo Museum of Modern Art, 27 Aug 22 – 15 Jan 23. Photo © Paula Virta / EMMA.